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January 13 2018

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Angela Rye on my favorite show (again) ✊🏾

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I may have gone overboard with my @haikyuusecretsanta so I hope you like it @saikiyuuki I went with Yakuza BokuAka AU!




when i was in like third grade i went to this science camp and one night at campfire they told us a story about a ufo crashing into a lake nearby and then later in the middle of the night they woke us all up and told us the aliens were back and this time they’d laid eggs in the woods !! it was our duty to arm ourselves and go destroy the eggs, so we armored up in tinfoil and shaving cream ( ????? ) and marched into the woods ready to save the planet. the ‘eggs’ were whole watermelons hidden around the camp and we had to smash them open on trees and rocks and eat the alien fetus/watermelon goo as fast as possible. i cannot emphasis enough the raw joy of digging into a watermelon with your bare hands and stuffing it into your face in the middle of the night in the woods, barely taking time to chew so that you can save the planet from hostile aliens, and i think i became the person i am because of that night.

me as a camp councelor

I can not stress this enough but, what the fuck.

January 12 2018

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This was supposed to be part of a larger piece, but it wasn’t working, so I’ll post it as it is for now. 

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here’s bort

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Classic lit + Onion-style headlines = the mashup you never knew you always wanted. Click here to see all 14!

brought to you by our resident genius, @roonil-freakin-wazlib

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we love you, carrie fisher ❤ (october 21, 1956 –  ∞ [december 27, 2016])

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Jean Otus: last name references the otus genus of owls, also called the scops owl

Nino: [REDACTED] (because of spoilers)

Grossular: named after the mineral, grossular, which in turn is named after the botanical name for gooseberry, grossularia

Lillium: named after the botanical name for lily

Spade: most likely named after the gardening tool; however, there is a flower called the spade flower (hybanthus enneaspermus)

Pastis: named after the French sprite, pastis, which has an anise flavor

Pine: named after the pine tree

Most of the characters in the manga are named after birds (some the Japanese name, other the English).

The higher ups are named after, or references, flowering plants.

If anything here is incorrect in any way, please tell me.

edit: revisions made due to the second PV

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Joker Game: All Ending Cards

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I reblog this every time I see it. I just cant


Seriously, though, the French LOVED Edgar Allan Poe,
thanks in particular to Jules Verne.

He even wrote a sequel to Poe’s only novel,
and numerous essays about how great an author Poe was.

By all accounts, Poe (who lived a penniless life in the US)
really *was* baffled by all of this.

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what have these guys been doing this whole time.

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January 11 2018

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The Brothers Bloom - Rian Johnson (2008)

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psst…..they’re in love

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